Monday, October 18, 2004

If somebody is going to be a millionaire, why NOT you?

Dreams are the basics of the development of the human race. Great man becomes who they are also dreamers. We will not have light bulbs if edison never dreamt of having artificial lights for the nights. The Wright Brothers who are actually bicycles mechanics would never have created the 1st aeroplane if they have never dreamt of one. There are endless of examples of how great man became who they were because of a strong faith and believe in the power of their dreams. The difference between these great man and the majority is that they are the ones who dare to dream and persist on, whereas the rest just let their fears conquer them. On top of that, there are many vultures out there in the society that kill the dreams of many people. If they have no Dreams, please do not obliterate others dreams.
Personally, i treasure my life very much. Imagine you are to save $1 a day. When you are 80 years old, how much savings do you have? $29200! Is that enough for you? is that even enough for you car, education? In the current world, one can most likely survive only a few months with $29200. Do you think that its too little then? If you think so, it's also the number of days you have in your life. I'm 19 this year and i have spent about 1/4 of my life. This period of time is also a turning point in my life. Today, you can decide if you want to live normal life or an extraordinary life. I've chosen the latter. You only live once, make it an exciting and meaningful one! The extraordinary route will definitely be tougher, with more challenges and difficulties along the way. But what waits at the end of the route is worth fighting for. I've started my fight, have you?